This page seems a little cryptic to me now, so here's what's going on in plain enough terms that the log file should be able to be followed:

I was told by the game's future programmers that Alternate Reality was going to receive a modernization, this was in the mid-90s and the geared release date was 1998. Myself and one other member not in this log file were told about this, but asked not to tell anyone right away. This conversation follows the game's musical composer's announcement to whomever happened to be around the channel that it was an official project. It raised a lot of excitement over the months to come for fans of the game. It was, however, eventually scrapped.

Gary^: Gary Gilbertson, composer of Alternate Reality's music.
RegisMeek, Pugsley: Channel Members
Seaner: This site's author

(RegisMeek) The early morning turns into early day
(Gary^) hehe
(RegisMeek) The sunrise comes they take the colors away
(RegisMeek) where you are; Alternate Reality
(Gary^) And it's gonna again Regis
* Gary^ chuckles
(RegisMeek) :) :)
(RegisMeek) "You're 18 I'm ninety-three.. It must be l o v e"
(RegisMeek) :)
(Gary^) Robert has the words to a new one too
(RegisMeek) New what? :) :) :)
(Gary^) New AR music
* Gary^ chuckles
(RegisMeek) :O :O :O
(Gary^) Seaner has been holding out on you
(Gary^) He was under non-disclousure
* Gary^ chuckles
(Gary^) disclosure
(Gary^) but that was lifted today
* Seaner looks around red with embarrassment. =)
(Seaner) Don't say nothing till tomorrow, please. =) Matt and I have a special post planned.
* RegisMeek looks around amazed that there is more AR Music that he doesn't know the lyrics to.
(Gary^) say what?
* Gary^ smiles
(Seaner) Regis: It's not just music. ;-)
(RegisMeek) I can't wait for it. :)
(RegisMeek) What do you mean?
(Gary^) just a sec
(Gary^) I write down the lyrics to one you haven';t heard
* RegisMeek looks around questioningly
(Gary^) takes a while
(Gary^) I need to clean off some macro space
(RegisMeek) k
(Gary^) here's lyrics to one you haven't heard yet Regis...
(Gary^) but will soon
(Gary^) Out in the morning sun I wait for you
(Gary^) Hoping that you'll come back..  Hoping it's true
(Gary^) I smell the freshness in the new day here...  
(Gary^) And I'm hoping that you're near.
(Gary^) Was it just a dream
(Gary^) you say.... I say it too
(Gary^) Hold on to me.... And I'll hold on to you...
(Gary^) We gotta get out of here...
* Seaner cheers wildly!
(Gary^) .
(Gary^) See you didn't hear that one yet
* Gary^ chuckles
* RegisMeek whistles and claps
(Seaner) What's it called?
(RegisMeek) Here?
(RegisMeek) :)
(Gary^) catta's Song
(RegisMeek) I still like Robot Man. :)
(Gary^) there are another 5 or 6 new AR songs
* RegisMeek looks in utter awe.
(Gary^) britt's song...  lainie... BarMaids Dream
(Gary^) hmm
(Gary^) lets see
(Seaner) Gary was the third game going to be The Palace or The Arena?
(Gary^) come to think of it,... most don't have title s yet
* Gary^ chuckles
(RegisMeek) Arena.. :)
(Gary^) Ar starts again
(Gary^) The City returns
(Gary^) But it will be unlike anything you ever expected
(RegisMeek) WILL be?!
(Gary^) All I can say...  Is if AR was innovative and ahead of its time in 1984 when the city was actually 
(Pugsley) ....
(Gary^) when done again .... It must be just as innovative and leading edge
(Pugsley) so it's being done again?
(Seaner) I love it when he talks like that!
* RegisMeek faints from all the mental images he sees.
(Gary^) Well Pugsley...   My ISP used to be
* Gary^ chuckles
(Pugsley) it's netcom..
(Seaner) Which we do apologize for... =)
(Gary^) and it ain't  kona-hi.netcom
(Pugsley) is that supposed to mean something?  sorry If I'm not getting it
(Pugsley) so you aren't in HI anymore
(Gary^) sea-wa   is not kona
(Pugsley) so your in seatle washington
(Gary^) NOw why in hell would anyone in their right mind move from Kona to Redmond
(Gary^) washington
(Pugsley) because you love bill gates?
(Gary^) hehe
(Pugsley) so what's in washington that would make you move from HI...
(Gary^) YOu will have to read Seaner post tomorrow i guess Pugsley
(Pugsley) uhm...NO FAIR
(Gary^) well twist his arm
(Pugsley) :)
* Gary^ chuckles
* Pugsley breaks seans arm off
(Seaner) I missed something... I was making an email. =)
(Pugsley) so this is how you treat your loyal AR fans
(Pugsley) *hrmmfff*
(Pugsley) hehe
(Gary^) Pugsley is trying to make me say something
(Seaner) tudum... tudum... =)
(Gary^) actaully...
(Gary^) actually
(Seaner) All I can say at the moment is it's gonna be something else. I'm so overcome with the freedom to speak 
  now, that my mind is in shock. =)
(Pugsley) ya know.....yall aren't nice
(Gary^) Well twist his other arm
(Gary^) I'm trying to be nice
(RegisMeek) And everything will be disclosed tomorrow in your e-mail?
* Gary^ chucjles
(Pugsley) keepin poor old pugs out of the loop
(Gary^) Well... 
(Seaner) No email for anybody tonight! You're all on restriction!
(Gary^) and tomorrow I pick up Phil at the airport
(Gary^) to look for a place to live here
(RegisMeek) :) :)
(Gary^) Monday  this coming...
(Gary^) I start work on AR98
(RegisMeek) Am I the only one thinking this is immensely cool?
(RegisMeek) :O
(Gary^) the following Monday
(Seaner) Yeah I'm bored to tears. ;-)
(Seaner) NOT!
(Gary^) Phil flies in from Santa Clara... And he too starts
(Seaner) I've just known for a bit. =)
(Gary^) Last week Phil quit Creative Labs
(RegisMeek) PC Gamer, on page 220 or so, somebody wrote that AR should be remade.. :)
(Gary^) Last Monday I flew to Seattle
(Gary^) AR will be an online game
(Gary^) not a stand alone
(Gary^) and it will be for the masses
(Gary^) not 4 people like diablo
(Pugsley) diablo was a huge disapointment
(Gary^) Monolith is a group of game people...
(Pugsley) monolith are those people that were supposed to come out with blood like 5 years ago?
* Gary^ chuckles
(Gary^) well... Blood is done
(Gary^) All the Blood guys are there.
(Pugsley) get me a copy
(Pugsley) hehe
(Gary^) I see em everyday
(Gary^) and...
(Gary^) Monolith owns the DukeNukem engine
(Pugsley) kewl
(Seaner) No kidding?
(Gary^) yep
(Gary^) just bought it
(Gary^) and AR
(Seaner) Duke Nukem = The only Doom clone that's a lot of fun.
(Gary^) and...
(Gary^) they have a render farm they just installed that is bigger and faster than the one they did Toy Sotry 
(Gary^) toy story
* RegisMeek thinks this is pretty cool.
(Pugsley) monolith did toy story?
(Gary^) no
(Gary^) the render farm they have now is better than
(Pugsley) ah
(Gary^) faster etc
(Gary^) impressive
(Gary^) I am quite stoked...
(RegisMeek) Let's just say your not the only one. :)
(Gary^) I get carte blanche on eq
(Gary^) AR music this time is going to be very interesting
(Seaner) Hehehehehe =)
(RegisMeek) Is it still going to be sing along? :) :) :) ;)
(Pugsley) man..that's quite impressive
(Seaner) Diablo can only play 4 people at the same time?
(Gary^) yes 4
(Pugsley) yeah
(Pugsley) and even then the multiplayer is very weak
(Seaner) Huh.
* RegisMeek starts to drool.
(Pugsley) well..the multiplayer is very limited in diablo
(RegisMeek) Very slow at times too..
(Pugsley) man....I'm just sitting here flabbergasted
(Gary^) We want it to be as kewl in 98 as it was in 84
(Gary^) this is what they want
(Gary^) We wouldn't do it if we didn't think we could try
* Gary^ chuckles
(Pugsley) AR was like my favorite game for YEARS
(Pugsley) and now it's getting done
(Pugsley) redone
(Gary^) Well
(Pugsley) rather
(RegisMeek) As of right now, I believe that it will be double the kewlness of the 84 one in the 98 one!
(Gary^) we watch the list
(RegisMeek) It's just gonna rock! 
(Gary^) everything you guys have talked about that made it a fun game... the RP stuff will all be back and in 
   much greater detail
(Pugsley) woo hoo
(Pugsley) is it going to be real time?
(Seaner) I'm exhillerated! This is going to be SOME game!
(RegisMeek) SOME game? This is going to be THE game!
* RegisMeek predicts a fall in grades in 98.
* Pugsley predicts unemployment in 98
(Seaner) Yes... 
(Seaner) LOL!
* RegisMeek predicts world-wide happiness in 98.
(Gary^) probably summer 98
(Gary^) you guys will see it sooner
(Gary^) I am sure you will be beta testers
(Pugsley) wonder who came up with the brilliant idea of remaking it :)
* Gary^ smiles
(RegisMeek) Ya mean we get to beta it?
(RegisMeek) YES!
(Gary^) Well..  I now they will want some beta... and I for one will be sure to mention you guys
(Gary^) Is only fair
(Gary^) Pugsley...  That in itself is an interesting story
(Pugsley) this is sooooooo coooooooooool
(Seaner) No contest. =)
* RegisMeek predicts that AR98 will make Ultima 11 seem stupid and boring.
(RegisMeek) :) :)
(Gary^) Well... ultima online is still going to be fun
(Seaner) I hear UOL is supposed to be something else... but I doubt it'll compare.
(Gary^) I think the RP in AR will be more addictive though
(Pugsley) UOL is supposed to be good...
(Seaner) That's fairly recent... considering it's next month. =)
(RegisMeek) I am a subscriber, and they always get them to you about 10 days before the on sale date. :)
(Pugsley) man...I just can't believe this is happening
(RegisMeek) I love it. :)
(Pugsley) I sat in front of my computer countless house and failed countless tests because of AR
(Pugsley) hours
* Gary^ smiles
(RegisMeek) :) :)
(Pugsley) I hope you keep every aspect of what made AR so cool and make it better :)
* RegisMeek thanks Gary very very much for sharing this with us.
(Pugsley) like the random encounters.  the extreme harshness of the game...
(Gary^) Don't thank me
(Pugsley) the replayability
* RegisMeek takes that back. :)
(Gary^) Thank the CEO of Monolith who decided to not hold us to non-disclosure
* Gary^ chuckels
(Seaner) That too!
(RegisMeek) Resistance is futile. Give in to Windows 95, or you will be destroyed.
(Pugsley) :(
(Seaner) Not Windows 95 anymore. 97 is due out this year. =)
(Gary^) Alternate Reality this time is to be .... Alternate Reality
(Pugsley) well I can take a guess at why online
(Pugsley) money
(Pugsley) hehe
(Pugsley) multiplayer games are where it's at
(RegisMeek) All these years of hoping, and I am one of three people who actually was here... And I was debating 
   whether to come on here b4!
(Pugsley) Gary: it's going to be like a loss of reality and integration into AR? hehe
(Seaner) Yeah... that'd be okay to say on the list... but not to the average guy.
(Gary^) Pugsley it will be like a Mud yes... only the interface may be a bit different than what you are used too
(RegisMeek) My life has more meaning now. Wait for AR98. Play AR98. Sleep with the AR98 box. :) :)
(Pugsley) gary: well..any kind of online world will be like a mud...
(Pugsley) gary: I've been a mudder for years...
(Seaner) 1998: Unemployment: On the rise. School grades: On the fall. Divorces: Running rampant. However...
(Gary^) true
(Seaner) Violent crimes have gone WAY down!
(Gary^) Yeah I enjoyed em too Pugsley
(Pugsley) muds caused me to get a .3 gpa one quarter
(Pugsley) hehehe
(Gary^) I was very big on MUME  Arctic  and Mozart
(Pugsley) I think I have played MUME a little bit
(Gary^) I was a diku fan
(Seaner) .3? Hehehe =)
(RegisMeek) It's times like this I am happy I have the Log option on. :)
(Gary^) I was a level 29 in MUME
(Pugsley) I didn't really care for diku..I kinda liked LP for the interactiveness..  you can make anything 
   interactive in an lp
(Gary^) hehe
(Gary^) well MUME was a PK mud
(Pugsley) yeah..that's what I usually played.. non-pk muds are worthless
(Pugsley) might as well go play an old SSI AD&D game
(Gary^) Well... there will be some similiar things in AR
(Pugsley) and hang out in an aol chatroom at the same time
(Gary^) as you will be allowed to play the monsters
(RegisMeek) Who here thinks that one of the top scoops of at least one magazine will be AR98 around early 98?
(Seaner) What's a PK mud?
* Gary^ chuckles
(Pugsley) player killing..the only way to go
(RegisMeek) :O WOW!
(Pugsley) nothing like killing some little whiney snot
(Gary^) MUME had the bad guys (orcs and trols) against the good guys Sean
(Seaner) hehehe
(Gary^) you got to pick 
(Pugsley) yeah..a lot of the good pk muds are basically good vs evil...
(Pugsley) the one I LOVED before biased immortals ruined it was Final Realms
(Gary^) and when you were a young good guy... You would be scared shitless in the city gates hoping the NPC 
   guards could hold off the hordes or baddies
(Seaner) Yeah well Hi-5-O you don't know what you just missed. =)
(Seaner) That was a delayed reaction I know but I'm just reading over what I missed.
(Pugsley) gary: exactly like Final Realms...  drow raids were so much fun  (especially for thieves like myself 
   who could scout the city and find where the wussy good guys were hiding)
(Gary^) and there would be 20 bodies dead in the square
(Seaner) Yeah... I want to be in an evil guild. =)
(Gary^) eq everywhere
* Gary^ chuckles
(Pugsley) so much fun for opportunistic thieves like myself..
(Seaner) Heck... I want my OWN evil guild! Muhahahahaha!
(Pugsley) Final Realms was nowhere near as big as MUME...but it was a hell of al ot of fun before it was ruined..
(Pugsley) I was buddies with the most powerful people in the game..who could kill anybody
(Seaner) Gary: Are you at liberty to say... will the Great Wyrm and the Devourer make an appearance?
(Pugsley) nice to know powerful people..then you get free reign to fuck with anyone you want to hehe
(Gary^) yeah MUME was like 600sqs from GreyHavens to Riverdahl
(Gary^) over whatever it was called
(Gary^) I don't know Sean
(Pugsley) final Realms was BIG spacewise..just didn't have that many players
(Pugsley) Final Realms has like 5000+ rooms
(Gary^) Wel Mozart had like 15000 rooms
(RegisMeek) Hey Gary: Any idea what the tentative pricing for the on-line service will be?
(Seaner) How was it ruined?
(Gary^) nope
(Gary^) but whatever it is you will pay it Regis
(Pugsley) because biased immortals came in and decided to screw all the evil guilds giving good guilds the run 
   of the place
* Gary^ dangles the tricket in front of Regis
(RegisMeek) true :)
(Seaner) That's the Microsoft in Gary saying that!
(Gary^) welll
(Pugsley) no doubt..Gary has already been assimilated by the Bill Gates of Microsoft
(Pugsley) hehe..just thinkin here..but when this game explodes...this channel is gonna be one happenin place
(Seaner) Well maybe we're too harsh on Microsoft...
(Seaner) They DID make two good programs...
(Seaner) Solitaire and QBasic...
(RegisMeek) lol!
(Pugsley) I just don't like their buisness dealings...basically taking other people's work and renaming it
(Pugsley) hehehe
(Seaner) *whew*
(Pugsley) well I just kinda hope it stays as far away from microsoft as possible
(Gary^) it will
* RegisMeek predicts everyone should reserve copies 5 months in advance to beat the rush.
(Seaner) I'm gonna check out Monolith's page quite frequently!
(Pugsley) I hate the idea of one company being the driving force in computing..especially one with such cutthoat 
   buisness tactics...
(Gary^) It will appear to be distributed in the same way DUkeNukem was
(Gary^) so... it will be in Walmart
* Gary^ chuckles
(Seaner) hehehehe =)
(Gary^) Well... Phil has complete control of the game
(RegisMeek) What is monoliths web page address?
(Gary^) nobodys is pulling our strings
(Pugsley) kewl..
(Seaner) It is definitely NOT
(Gary^) yeah is
(Seaner) I checked that page out about two months ago and though... 'THEY'RE the ones redoing AR?'
(Gary^) nothing on AR yet
(Gary^) Well... I need to get to sleep guys.... Got pickup Phil in the earl morning at the Seattle airport... He 
   is flying in from CA to house hunt
(Pugsley) I think I'll have an IBC Cream Soda to celebrate
(Seaner) Bye Gary! Thanks!
(Pugsley) See you later Gary
(Gary^) Wellllll
(RegisMeek) Bye Gary! Thanks indeed for telling us these many things!
(Pugsley) so you and phil moving in together?
(Gary^) keep up with the good ideas in the list....  Phil reads it. 

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