Thank you!:
A big thank you goes out to the following people for various reasons!

--Philip Price - For creating the concept that became the game this page is all about.
--Ken Jordan - For bringing a wealth of information to those of us on IRC and many neat AR relics.
--Gary Gilbertson - For the wonderful music from Alternate Reality and for the laughs on IRC.
--Paladin - For making some killer maps of The Dungeon available for everybody to use.
--Andrew Wheat - For providing me with the full text for the manual to The City.
--John Nord - For supplying me with the character editor for the PC version of The City.
--Robert Hagenström - For uniting the Alternate Reality fans and creating the first AR web page.
--Jean Huang - For finding a copy of Alternate Reality: The City for the Apple emulators.

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