For those of you who don't know, I did the music for Alternate Realityin it's first incarnation.  As in the original AR, we want music to play a serious role in the new AR. To that end, Monolith has provided me with some incredible equipment. AR will be released to work in a number of audio formats.  The prime one being a DVD version with most of the music being digital.  All of the original songs in AR will re-appear.  Along with this, a number of new songs.  Because I generally do 75% of the lyrics after the song is written, I like to make CD's of the tunes so I can play them in the car or wherever I might be.  I find it a great way to come up with ideas for lyrics. People have asked if there are new versions of AR songs.  The answer is yes.  Soon there will be a Monolith web page for Alternate Reality and it WILL have new game music on it from time to time. AR fans, will probably recognize some of the following song titles.

The CURRENT AR MUSIC CD (in house at Monolith)*7-15-97*
Bit over 78mins worth...
0.  Overture to AR84     (left off 7/15 CD to gain 6mins)Basically the orchestra (if you believe), is playing a medley of old AR tunes.  Wishing Well, Thoreandan, Guild Song, and Death being some of them.
1.  Dark     A fan of the game suggested I write more dark and depressing songs.
With lyrics like,  
             "There are monsters - that will hurt you...
              And the dark things - won't desert you...
              You may never see the sun - Again."
Well heck, I got depressed just writing it. *grin*
2.  Guild - Good     Re-make of the original Guild Song (Yes Robert [in Europe], the song you've been looking for).
3.  Guild - Evil     Remake of the Dungeon song.
4.  Guild - Three     First new guild song - There will be 12 in the end.
5.  Goodnite To You     New Song
6.  She     New Song
7.  Say The Things     New to AR
8.  Taster     Another song idea suggested by a fan of AR.
9.  Waves     Remake of the original
10. Warriors     New Song
11. Frayagin     New Song  (A kind of sequel to the Dungeon's "Into The Fray")
12. Gwendolyn     Another song idea suggested by a fan of AR.
13. If I Should     New Song
14. Let In The Light     Remake of the City Song
15. Vanish     New Song
16. Could We Be     New Song
17. Love Theme     New Song
18. Good Wizards     New Song
19. Monster Run     New Song
20. Morning     Sun New Song
21. ExploAR     New Song
22. Know Name     New Song
23. Monster Breeder     New Song
24. The Ganthem     Remake of the original
25. Goblin King     Remake of the original
26. Dwarf Dance     Remake of the original
27. Troll King     Remake of the original
28. Armor     Remake of the original
29. Ugly People     New Song
30. Into The Fray     Remake of the original

IN THE WINGS - These are the next songs I will finish up.
31. Bring You Tonight       New Song (written 4/1...looking for arrangement) 
32. The Wishing Well       Remake of the Dungeon Theme
33. Haven (Sanctuary)        Remake of a Dungeon song
34  People From Places       New Song (in the Haven genre)


MUSIC AND LYRICS DONE - just need to be arranged
35. Just An Hour     (A satirical look at the AR power source)
36. Binoculars    (A whimsical view of the trip to AR from Earth)

Still to do...
37. Alien Theme (City)
38. All Were I     (New to AR)
39. Alternate Reality     (yeah probably should)
40. Around The Block     (new)
41. Death     (maybe this time you'll win)
42. Devourer     (Dungeon)
43. Fine Times     (new)
44. Moments In My Life     (remake of 84 version)
45. Passionately     (New to AR)
46. Rathskellar R&R     (Dungeon)
47. Thoreandan      (City and Dungeon)
48. Today, Tomorrow    (new)
plus about 3 more new songs in development

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