00. You are toast! LEV 1.4
01. You are in a dim corridor.
02. You are in a hallway.
03. You are in a Cult room.
04. You are by a stairway leading down.
05. You are in a dim passage.
06. You are in a secret passage.
07. You are in the Pythoness' Maze.
08. You are by a Dungeon Entrance.
09. You are in a dead-end passage.
0a. You are in a damp area.
0b. You are in a dim hallway.
0c. You are NOT HERE!!!
0d. You are facing the Oracle of Wisdom.
0e. You are in the Troll King's demesne.
0f. You are at the Weapon Enchantress'.
10. You are at a stairway leading down.
11. You are 
12. You are at the Troll King's Palace.
13. You are at the Dark Wizards Guild.
14. You are 
15. You are in an open area.
16. You are in a treasure room.
17. You are in a musty room.
18. You are in a small room.
19. You are in a creepy room.
1a. You are in a large room.
1b. You are in a room with two doors.
1c. You are in a spacious room.
1d. You are in a secret room.
1e. You are in a typical Dungeon corridor.
1f. You are in another small room.
20. You are in a quiet area.
21. You are in a nondescript room.
22. You are in a dangerous area.
23. You are in a room littered with debris.
24. You are in a quiet room.
25. You are in The City's sewer system.
26. You are in a secret corridor.
27. You are in a Troll's room.
28. You are in a long passage.

Zone 00: 00,20-20,1f
Zone 01: 01,1f-20,20
Zone 02: 00,01-18,1a
Zone 03: 1f,16-02,18
Zone 04: 16,1b-15,02
Zone 05: 06,11-07,10
Zone 06: 03,09-03,0c
Zone 07: 00,04-00,1f
Zone 08: 0d,1a-05,1d
Zone 09: 1c,1f-1b,06
Zone 0a: 10,1d-1e,1c
Zone 0b: 06,00-08,09
Zone 0c: 00,07-10,1f

Special Square Codes:
00-1F=Module (shoppe etc.)  20-7F=Effect/Dangerous
80-9F=Encounter 0-31        A0-BF=Treasure 0-31
C0-DF=Message 0-31          E0-FF=Teleport 0-31

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