00. You are toast! LEV 2
01. You are by a stairway leading down.
02. You are by a stairway leading up.
03. You are in an empty room.
04. You are in a dusty room.
05. You are in a long hallway.
06. You are in a small room.
07. You are in a strange corridor.
08. You are in a large, chilly room.
09. You are in an old storage room.
0a. You are in the Crystal Caverns.
0b. You are in the Hall of Mirrors.
0c. You are in Mordred's maze.
0d. You are in an abandoned guard room.
0e. You are in an old, looted crypt.
0f. You are in a corridor.
10. You are at a river crossing.
11. You are by an Arena pit.
12. You are in the Clothes Horse's room.
13. You are at the Dwarven smithy.
14. You are at a crystal clear fountain.
15. You are in a dank hall.
16. You are in a damp hall.
17. You are at Lucky's potion brewery.
18. You are at the Undead King's Palace.
19. You are in a musty room.
1a. You are in a large room.
1b. You are in the Undead Regions.
1c. You are in a foul-smelling passage.
1d. You are in the Room of Death.
1e. You are in the Undead King's crypt.
1f. You are in the Hall of the Adept.
20. You are near the river Stonz.
21. You are in a blistering hot passage.
22. You are on a slippery stone floor.
23. You are in a hall without doors.
24. You are walking on thin ice.
25. You are in a secret room.
26. You are by a river crossing.
27. You are at a stairway leading up.
28. You are at a stairway leading down.
29. You are in the Paladins' Guild.
2a. You are in the Mercenaries' Guild.

Zone 00: 04,0d-0c,06
Zone 01: 01,0c-09,0f
Zone 02: 06,01-14,20
Zone 03: 20,11-02,19
Zone 04: 11,20-0d,02
Zone 05: 15,0a-1d,02
Zone 06: 03,15-0c,17
Zone 07: 0a,03-1d,09
Zone 08: 1f,03-03,05
Zone 09: 1e,0d-18,04
Zone 0a: 00,09-01,04
Zone 0b: 05,0a-05,0c

Special Square Codes:
00-1F=Module (shoppe etc.)  20-7F=Effect/Dangerous
80-9F=Encounter 0-31        A0-BF=Treasure 0-31
C0-DF=Message 0-31          E0-FF=Teleport 0-31

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