00. You are toast! LEV 4
01. You are in a metallic corridor.
02. You are at a stairway leading up.
03. You are inside a seemingly unused room.
04. You are in an equipment room.
05. You are in a storage room of some sort.
06. You are in a hi-tech lounge room.
07. You are in an alien control room.
08. You are in a seldom-used area.
09. You are at the Gateway to Revelation.
0a. You are in a small room.
0b. You are by the Gateway to Revelation.

Special Square Codes:
00-1F=Module (shoppe etc.)  20-7F=Effect/Dangerous
80-9F=Encounter 0-31        A0-BF=Treasure 0-31
C0-DF=Message 0-31          E0-FF=Teleport 0-31

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