Alternate Reality

Almost as fun as playing the real game...

--Corridor Exploring in Alternate Reality (16k)

--Alien Spaceship Abduction (303k)

The following pictures are somewhat large, but well worth waiting for!
--Check out the original artwork for the boxes before Datasoft decided to pay their own people to design it. Original art by Bill Herbert.

--Another older piece of artwork for Alternate Reality in it's pre-Datasoft days.

--Here's the standard map of The City, giving a starting point to exploring and mapping your surroundings.

--There is another map for The City which is almost cartoon-like; not very helpful but fun to look at!

--This is the map of level one of The Dungeon that came with the initial release of the product.

--This is the box for Alternate Reality: The City, Commodore 64 version.

--This is the box for Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, Commodore 64 version.

--Please take a moment to fill out your Registration Card and send it off to Datasoft.

--Looking for a job? Here's a notice Datasoft sent out with some of their games, including Alternate Reality: The City.

--See here kids... this is what we used to have to play on. And every so often our computers would tell us to flip 'em over. Pre-hard drive days.

--Hmm... where did this come from? Can't tell you...

Screen Shots:
Here are some memorable moments from Alternate Reality: The Dungeon.

--Some of the more colorful scenes in the game are the fountains.

--Answer his riddles three and you will recieve an invaluable tip.

--Here's a sight that will send fear rushing through the heart of even the most experienced adventurer.

The following screen shots are from the unreleased Amiga version of Alternate Reality: The Dungeon.

--The hall of the Goblin King, will you surrender the ring to him?

--Or will you take the Goblin King's ring to the Troll King?

--Then again you could defy both of them and take it to this guy.

--Are you really brave enough to challenge the Great Wyrm to a duel?

--If you are victorious all this is yours for the taking!

--Here is where your adventure begins!

--If you can find Lucky, you can acquire all sorts of magical potions.

--The Ferryman will take you over the River Stonz.

--Once you cross the Stonz you can visit the Undead King.

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