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This site was originally constructed in the mid-90s, and fell dormant with the expiration of my domain name. I have picked up a new domain name which really has nothing to do with Alternate Reality, but it seemed like a worthwhile investment of time to dust off the site, fix a few broken links, and let people access it again. Please enjoy it.

Introduction to Alternate Reality

Welcome to the Alternate Reality Home Page. This is the third such page to pop up to commemorate my (and many others) favourite computer game. The game was historical in many aspects, using technology that was unheard of for it's time. The game included:

-- Full 128 color animation
-- Over 5400 square units on four levels to explore
-- 3D Texture Mapping
-- Full soundtrack including lyrics
-- Captivating storyline
-- Fantastic Monsters, Magic, Weapons, and Treasure
-- Fluctuating Moral Alignment that depends on your actions, not predetermined

Such a game, with today's technology, is nothing spectacular, in fact it sounds very simplistic in comparison to what is possible today. But the level of fun that fans of the game have experienced in playing this game has yet to be reproduced.

The Next Alternate Reality(s)

For a time, there was planned a new version of Alternate Reality, possibly two. Read here for the IRC logfile in which it was announced. It was a very ambitious project and many people were extremely anxious for the game's release. Sadly, it never saw the light of day. A few bits of music and art from the game's conceptualization can be found under the links section.

Areas of Interest:
The Clothes Horse Room - One of the more extravogant areas in Alternate Reality, the Clothes Horse's Room is full of art and photos taken from the corridors of the Dungeon!

The Dwarven Smithy - At the Smithy you can purchase the finest in quality Armour, quality Weapons, and quality games are free for the downloading!

Hall of the Goblin King - You've come to see the Goblin King? You think you'll maybe take the Ring? Or maybe you just want to hear the great music?

Light Wizards Guild - Seek the light, venture into the Light Wizards Guild to obtain knowledge. A great reference source for those who are lost, can't find their way.

The Dungeon Chapel - Come hear sermons preached by the Alternate Reality programmers and authors themselves.

Der Rathskeller's Bar & Grille - Pop on in and maybe somebody will buy a round for the house, or at least you can keep abreast of other happenings with AR.

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Sincerest Thanks:
There are a lot of people I would like to give my thanks to for a number of reasons. If I've forgotten anybody please let me know!

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email me. Please do not email me asking for help about the emulators, it's been quite some time since I've tried to use them, and I don't have the time to relearn them.